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Fillable 20 9 Trec Contracts - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank - Fill Fillable 20 9 Trec Contracts, download blank or editable online. How to Fill Out a TREC Contract - Facebook - Knowing how to fill out a TREC contract is vitally important for Real Estate Investors. Trec Contract - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller - Fill Trec Contract, download blank or editable online. TREC Contract Forms - Edwards Abstract and Title Company - TREC Contract Forms. Fillable Online...
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all righty one to four family residential contract resale for disclosure to start off with this is not a complete review of the contract just a quick breakdown we're gonna go through the blanks that need to be filled in the check check boxes just as a quick review if you have any question on it especially if you're not with our office make sure to check with your broker office manager address anything that just needs to be needed because obviously it's important information but let's go ahead and fly through this use it as a refresher and kind of go from there first off one to four family residential contract resale this is the one the form you're going to be using most often when somebody's purchasing a house new construction is a different contract and right under you will see not for use for condominium transactions so not new construction not condos this is resale one to four family your your typical house you're gonna come across on a daily basis section one parties obviously that's the buyer and seller top line is seller you can get that information from the tax records and bottom line is the buyer how they want their name or who they want on the title so ask them make sure it's correct full names need to be on their top seller bottom buyer next section two you're gonna have the property description first which is the lot block and then the third blank is what a lot of people have questions on the CB number or the n CB number that's what's gonna go there you can find out on the tax info it's also on the MLS sheet under that city straightforward next County straightforward and then that bottom line is the common address or mailing address what most properties are referred to so pretty straightforward and then include the zip code on there as well moving down to 2d you're gonna see exclusions above that it gives a description what's included in the property everybody should know that if you have a real estate license but review it and then anything that's not included goes here such as maybe a light fixture chandelier that's a family heirloom the seller wants to keep it you're going to list that here it needs to be on there if it's gonna stay otherwise it's gonna go if it's a fixture included accessory so if there's nothing be sure to put na on there whether you're representing the buyer or sell that way there's no discrepancy anything added anything like that we want on any blanks on the contract when we can prevent it so put na - it out whatever you need to do moving down continuing sales price obviously one of the more important ones three sections the cash portion is the top line the financing amount is the middle line and then the total asking sales price offer price whatever is that's that's the bottom line price right there at the sales price on that third line so if it's an all-cash offer it's gonna be the full sales price...